White label online casino: features and useful tips for creating

There are several different options for companies that want to create a website for online gambling. The first is to purchase casino software specially designed from scratch (a turnkey solution). The second is to rent an already running online solution, commonly known as a White Label Gambling Solution. This option is quite popular in the world casino industry.

Definition of White label online casino solution

   White label casino solution is a special type of partnership solution. At its core, a casino of this kind is a turnkey software product. But they are supplied to us with licenses, CRM, bonus management systems, payment services, and dedicated anti-fraud support. A portfolio of games is provided (content that the customer will offer under his own brand).

An entrepreneur acquires a ready-made, well-established and ready-to-use white label betting and gaming platform, but at the same time has no brand. He has the opportunity to launch a business under his own “label”, having come up with an original name and promoting his own casino brand. They develop a product so that in the coming days, months and years the business can grow fast in its field and additional integration can be added.

The most important benefit of white label solutions for casinos is that they are time-tested and have undergone rigorous technical testing. As such, they are bug-free, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your customers. The White label online gaming platform is the perfect alternative solution for people who want to launch a new casino in a short time and at relatively affordable prices.

But you will not be able to get a free white label casino, as you will need to build a platform, spend money on the necessary documents, site maintenance, casino marketing promotion and much more.

The partner has the right to request a commission (percentage of the amount of income). Affiliate revenue share can be configured in the White Label configuration and in the set-up interface. Read the policy and agreement, the cost is individual and depends on various factors. sitestandard templates help you flesh out your project and integrate the best features to get the head start.

What is included in the package of services of the company

  White label casino providers (such as 2winpower) offer online casino software, various slots (optional) and HTML5 casino games. Companies provide promotions, bonus programs, tournaments and other programs for efficient and profitable gambling business. For example, they offer sportsbook solutions with everything you need to start an online sportsbook in as little as two weeks. You can also control bet, withdrawal and transactions limits, use email marketing methods (promotional campaigns, events).

The white label casino website will be located on a unique domain. However, the helpdesk and checkout usually remain common between the parent and child brands. The finished products are multicurrency and international. White label crypto casino supports cryptocurrencies and allows players to use Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Customer support services for white label gambling can include both technical supports for clients (you) and for player. The responsible module collects data from visitors (cookies) in order to build reports on their attendance and actions.

Providers offer several communication channels to contact the customer with (e-mail, phone, chat, online message on the social web network Telegram, Skype or Facebook to answer questions, etc.) They also take responsibility for the paperwork – determine the jurisdiction of the casino in order to obtain legal permit. White label gaming platform owners are required by law to acquire a licence (Curacao, Malta).

White Label solutions include ready bonus set and operators can only deactivate one of them or change terms of bonuses, for example, change the deposit amount. Provider also offers powerful iGaming software and customizable white label casino game development.

Things to consider when opening a White Label online casino

A white label igaming solution with slot machine and other casino games is a business project that must have a business plan. There are several points that companies should consider for a successful start and development of the casino.

Audience determination

First, find a target market where your site will work and attract customers. Select possible white label gaming solutions according to the capabilities of the target market. Experienced developers know what games are popular in specific countries, which means that their client will work with the best casino game set.

You should to study the target audience, the area where the white label gambling platform operates, the needs and characteristics of the local gambling audience, available payment systems, and the competitive environment.

Creation of user-friendly design

Items like languages and currencies that your white label gaming site supports are really important. The appearance of the casino site design (color and graphic schemes, placement of advertising banners and ads, layout, etc.) should be taken into account. The design of the casino website should be suitable for all devices. You will need to decide on the payment infrastructure of the white label casino platform. There is a wide range of choices, including credit/debit card merchants and e-wallets systems.

Content and provider selection

When you decide to create a White Label igaming platform, whether you offer roulette, slots, blackjack, poker, bingo or sports betting, you will need management tools to interact and manage the player. Finding a white label online casino software provider that offers a secure way to manage your visitor and your business with a single back office package can save you a lot of time, energy and money.

Well-known certified companies (such as Microgaming, EveryMatrix, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, etc.) are professional white label casino software vendors that provide software and quality technical service. The team of experts and specialists releases updates and upgrades regularly to keep the game software up to date and in line with the latest user wishes. They guarantee the security of the casino if you follow the list of rules. So you can avoid a huge number of problems and be protected in case of fraud.

White Label online casino is the best quick and easy start solution with many benefits and advantages. To successfully start a business, you should consider the key points and effective advice. You should to create a project, select the appropriate option for the casino content software. It is better to choose white label gambling software from suppliers with a good reputation in order to take care of the privacy of users' personal information.